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"At the end of 2009 Sydney Mars (ex-Suicideathome, Broken Time Structure) and Kalle (ex-Enkil’s Eye, Sleepy Crowd) decide to start a band that has nothing to do with their former projects. Basing on their common passion for bands like Scarlet’s Remains, Christian Death and Mephisto Waltz, they record a bunch of pieces at home: “The Mescaline Babies” are born. After few months they complete the line-up with Daniele (bass) and Luca (drums), and now are recording their first EP at the Overground production’s studio. The Mescaline Babies proposes a assault between the american sound and the european one, wich conjugates shimmering atmospheres with the genuine vehemence of .”

The Mescaline Babies-Self-Pretending Whore

ArtistThe Mescaline Babies
TitleSelf-Pretending Whore
AlbumUnlistenable Ep

"The Phantom Limbs formed in Oakland, California in 1999. They combined new wave, goth, and punk to create their unique insane dark carnival sound. With a legendary live act, they were quickly picked up by Jello Biafra of the label Alternative Tentacles. After he caught them at 924 Gilman Street he declared that they are the strangest band he had ever witnessed at Gilman. Three US tours and two European tours later, the ‘limbs played their final show with Vanishing in Berlin on 23rd October 2004. The following year on Halloween they made the official announcement that The Phantom Limbs were no more. The members have lent their talent to the following Los Angeles bands: Circus Redickuless’ Organ Grinders from Hell, The Boyscouts of Annihilation, Anal Kitties, Scurvy Dogs and Black Ice (band). Loto Ball moved to Chicago where he performs regularly some form of artistic and musical show with various theatre and puppetry ensembles.”

The Phantom Limbs-Active Verbs

This band has to be one of the best deathrock bands out there. If you haven’t heard them, please give this a listen.

Formed in 2003 by Benn Ra, formerly of Diva Destruction, Hatesex has quickly made a name for themselves. The band garnered a bit of attention with their first official release on Strobelight Records compilation entitled “New Dark Age, Vol 1”. In early 2004 the band released a limited 4 song promotional CD called “The Spiritual Palsy EP”. Recorded and co-produced by Bari-Bari (Mephisto Walz/ex-Christian Death), the CD featured 3 original songs plus a “gothicized” version of the Slayer classic “Black Magic”. The CD was received with open arms by the European goth press and all four songs on the CD received extensive club play all over Europe. Shortly after the CDs release, Hatesex signed a recording agreement with the Dark Dimensions label group. The label features such bands as Mephisto Walz, Antiworld, Astrovamps and Benn’s previous band Diva Destruction. The band has recently finished thier first full length album entitled “Unwant”. The album contains 11 songs, including the 4 songs from the “Spiritual Palsy EP.” A release date for the album has not been announced at this time. “

Hatesex-A Rose Without Eyes

Bloody Dead and Sexy emerged from Germany in the late 90s as one of the finest contributors to modern deathrock after being formed in 1997. Their 2001 performance at Herbstnachte III - alongside Cinema Strange, Antiworld, Fliehende Stürme, Murder at the Registry and New Days Delay, immediately singled them out as one of the brightest new stars on the field. Since then they have attracted more and more admirers via exposure in German press and the internet, as well as continuos gigs. In 2003 their debut album “Paint It Red” brought it all together after ‘Bloody Rose’ had already become an instant club hit in Europe and the US, as well as finding a home on any net savvy deathrocker’s hard drive.

Bloody Dead & Sexy- Funny, Sad, and Cruel

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"Darlings’ have not disbanded, but took a few seasons off to work on an album that would better reflect their influences, and energies. The album ought to be available in the spring of 2010. An available track that will be on the new album, Teach Me Alchemy, well represents their present direction. This can be found on their myspace. 12/21/09 

Darlings’ Cabinet of Sundry Horror are a 3 piece from New Jersey. Most songs are carried by their combination of drum & organ/piano. Think church, think the circus, think a cabaret. Their proposed effect is one of thunder & lightening behind an orotund voice, in a narrative that puts a subject against God before a final juxtaposition that more often than not is a rebuke against the character and his human view of love and spiritual insight. This formula of recondite disclosure is both sincere and sardonic. Their lyrics read like a play, or a prayer. Their influences include older folk/rock gothic outfits like the Bad Seeds, the Violent Femmes, the Cramps, and the work of Tom Waits. An accessible, modern categorization of Darlings’ could put them aside acts like the Horrors or the Dresden Dolls. What may be lost, in review, is this… Darlings’ Cabinet of Sundry Horror is fun. Fun and sexy, and worth a listen. Start with ‘Devils! Prophets! Blind Men! Ghosts!’ or ‘I am the blackest of plagues’ (their singular guitar track).”

Darlings’ Cabinet of Sundry Horror-I Am the Blackest of Plagues

ArtistDarlings' Cabinet of Sundry Horror
TitleI Am The Blackest of Plagues
AlbumDarlings' Cabinet of Sundry Horror

" Subtonix were a post punk band out of San Francisco formed by members of riot grrl band Cheesecake and The Vanishing. Take one part “Only Theatre of Pain” by Christian Death, subtract guitars, add frantic female vocals (think Teenage Jesus & The Jerks-era Lydia Lunch) and keyboards, and you can almost imagine what they sound like.”

Subtonix-Ashtray Girl

Chrysalis Morass is a band from France. Eat Your Make-Up split to go their own ways and this was the band that was left in the remnants. Their only release is a 6 track EP named Maya.

Chrysalis Morass - Ehrenfels Nacht

Please show your support so that this band can continue on. Eat Your Make-Up is heavily missed on my end. ;]

Darkness and Jive could probably be described as a post-punk indie pop band (if such a categorisation exists). D&J were a functioning outfit for 7 years or so between 1981 – 1988. During that time there were numerous line-up changes and the music  developed from a primitive, raw, frenetic screech to a more melodic, sophisticated synthetic screech.

We recorded 2 singles (Hooked on You c/w Tarzan and Furnace c/w Guys and Dolls) for the York based independent label Red Rhino Records and 2 John Peel sessions for BBC Radio One.

We also recorded a single for Floating World Records  (Jigsaw Man c/w Victims) and an album for Jet Records (Rebellion and Romance). Sadly the latter never saw the light of day as it was not commercially released – something about our songs being “too political” for mainstream radio play

We recorded a few songs for TV shows such as The Tube, The Works and TX45 and played numerous gigs in a wide variety of venues to lots of enthusiastic (and sometimes hostile) audiences.

The content of this website will provide more information to those who are interested in finding out a bit more about one of the “lost” indie bands of the early 80’s. .”

  • This track pretty much breaks what the rest of Darkness & Jive are like. This was on compilation CD listed on a blog named “Phoenix Hairpins”. (Great blogspot, google it.) After hearing this track, I fell in love. I did whatever I could to find the rest of their music. To my dismay, the two EPs were more of a mix of new-wave and post-punk. It’s good stuff, but definitely doesn’t live up to “Death in Venice”.

Darkness & Jive-Death in Venice

ArtistDarkness & Jive
TitleDeath In Venice
AlbumV/A Better Than A Poke In The Eye 7